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So there’s now a toothbrush that really does what it’s supposed to do. A super clean feeling, no more dental plaque (which I still had after brushing with an electric toothbrush). But the soft brush did take a bit of getting used to at the start. However, it’s so much better for my gums. As well as that, I like the colour and there are no more irritations. One nice bonus is that my teeth are whiter and I have much less dental deposit.

I’m really super satisfied and now I just hope that my dentist is too :)


Good choice

I switched from a Sonic Care, and I have to say that this toothbrush is a little bit better. I can see my tartar disappearing slowly. After spending a month testing it, I’m happy to keep using it for the time being. I’m very satisfied with it. I think that even the yellow colour on my teeth is slowly disappearing but it needs more time. The electric toothbrush improved!!

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Because I had been using the Sonic Smile to my full satisfaction for some time. I was inspired to start using the new brush from Silk’n. I was a bit taken aback at the price but if it does what it’s supposed to do… it arrived 1 day after I ordered it. What struck me straight away is the lovely packaging and how everything is neatly packed. I first charged it and then started using it the next day. The brush has several settings, but I think setting three is the best.

The main thing after 4 weeks of use is that I can clearly see that my teeth are whiter and the brush gives a nice clean feeling. My conclusion? It’s worth every penny!

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I feel almost no more plaque on my teeth, not even at the end of the day = no more tartar. It seems that DentalRF creates a protective layer, and I’ve really noticed that! As a result, I have a fresher feeling for longer. Added to that, I think the long soft bristles are a nice bonus. Sometimes I brush too hard (the dentist tells me that too) but with this brush that’s almost impossible. But I did have to get used to the ‘new’ way of brushing. It felt less effective because the bristles are so soft, but actually that’s not true. My teeth feel smooth and they also look fresher/whiter.



Was slightly sceptical, but I love innovations so I couldn’t resist. My experience in 1 word: awesome! My mouth is already cleaner after brushing for the first time. Didn’t take the brush on holiday, and I really notice the difference. I’ve been going to the oral hygienist for years and every time I have a problem with bleeding gums. Until I started brushing with the radio frequency and this beautifully soft brush head. Now my oral hygienist thinks she has finally got me to start flossing and using sticks! Ha ha!


Dr. Oren Tesler

General Practitioner

"After 6-8 weeks of brushing with ToothWave, the patient's teeth look as if just been treated by an hygienist. The use of ToothWave improved oral hygiene, and helped remove stains and calculus off the tooth's surface. A marked improvement is also noticed in gum condition – redness, swelling and bleeding have totally disappeared."

Dr. J. Kempler

Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry

"After 3 months of using ToothWave daily, I can decisively determine, that a dramatic impact was observed in whitening/shade change of at least 2-3 grades, and additionally, in removal of existing calculus and in prevention of new calculus buildup. Very impressive."