What is Silk’n ToothWave?

Silk'n ToothWave is the first electric toothbrush with DentalRF™ technology that is able to remove discolouration, stains and tartar. It makes teeth visibly whiter and prevents gum disease and tooth decay.

Why should I prefer Silk'n ToothWave above other toothbrushes?

Other manual and electric toothbrushes are able to remove plaque, but cannot remove discolouration, stains and tartar (calculus). The key difference with Silk'n ToothWave is that this device is able to remove all mentioned impurities and improve your overall oral health and teeth appearance. Brushing with Silk'n ToothWave is therefore comparable with treatments at a dental hygienist.

How does DentalRF™ technology work?

Impurities, like discolouration, stains and tartar attach themselves to the tooth's surface via strong molecular bonds. Standard brushing methods cannot break these bonds and strong chemicals that can will damage the teeth. Silk'n ToothWave on the other hand, sends mild radiofrequency wave of charged molecules to the surface of each tooth. These charged molecules destabilize the bonds between the tooth's surface and the impurities. The impurities are then detached from the tooth's surface, to be immediately replaced by other molecules that originate from the water and toothpaste which are present in the mouth. These new bonds create a protective layer and prevent the impurities from reattaching.

Are my teeth bleached to make them whiter?

No, Silk'n ToothWave will not bleach your teeth. DentalRF™ technology in Silk'n ToothWave removes stains and discoloration, revealing the original shade of the teeth – resulting in overall teeth whitening.

How many settings does it have?

Silk'n ToothWave has 3 vibration speeds: high, medium and low. You can also decide to brush the teeth without any vibrations. In all 4 modes the DentalRF™ technology is active to help improve your dental hygiene.

How many vibrating brush strokes does it make?

Silk'n ToothWave delivers 48,000 vibrating brush strokes per minute. Since the DentalRF™ technology does all the hard work, by removing stubborn dental impurities from the tooth's surface, this device works perfectly with this number of brush strokes.

How many times can I use ToothWave on one full charge?

On one full charge and with regular use (twice a day for 2 minutes) the device will work for up to 2 weeks.

What is the 30 second interval timer for?

After every 30 seconds, the brush automatically indicates that you can switch to the next section of your mouth. This function helps you clean each section as thoroughly as the previous one and for the same amount of time. After 2 minutes, the brushing time recommended by dentists, ToothWave stops automatically so you know you’re done.

Does it work on batteries?

No, Silk'n ToothWave does not work on batteries. It is charged by an inductive charging cradle that is included in the package.

Can I use any type of brush head?

No, Silk'n ToothWave includes specially designed, innovative brush heads that are not available in other brands. The brush head contains soft bristles, 2 DentalRF™ electrodes and a silicone strip that lies between the electrodes. The silicone strip enables the DentalRF™ wave to flow across the teeth. It also ensures that the toothpaste and the DentalRF™ energy interact effectively. For this reason, we recommend that the bristles are always in good contact with the teeth.

The silicone strip of the brush head is damaged. Can I still use it?

No, do not use the brush head if the bristles, electrodes or silicone strip are loose, bent, damaged or crushed. Damaged bristles, electrodes or a silicone strip may break off while brushing.

Why is the brush head made out of soft bristles?

Silk'n ToothWave is provided with soft bristles to protect the teeth and gums. Hard bristles are abrasive and are more likely to wear away your teeth's enamel and can cause receding gums. This can lead to sensitive teeth and deteriorating oral health. Besides, Silk'n ToothWave doesn't need to have harder bristles. Its DentalRF™ technology will do all the hard work by removing impurities like plaque, discolouration, stains and even tartar from the tooth's surface. The soft bristles will in its turn ensure that these impurities are swept away non-abrasively.

Can I buy new brush heads?

Yes, new refill brush heads can be purchased. Silk'n advices to replace your brush head every 3 months or sooner if needed.

Can I use it under the shower or while taking a bath?

Yes, Silk'n ToothWave is waterproof. You can use it under the shower or while taking a bath.

Can I use it with any toothpaste?

Yes, you can use Silk'n ToothWave with any commercial toothpaste.

Should I brush my teeth in a different way than I am used to?

No, Silk'n ToothWave should be used in the same way as any other electric toothbrush and does not require special brushing techniques.

I have implants and/or braces. Can I use it?

Yes, Silk'n ToothWave is suitable for use on metal braces and all types of dental implants.

I have severely injured gums. Can I use it?

Consult your dentist before use if you have severely injured gums or have had oral or gum surgery in the last two months.

I feel a slight sensation of warmth during use. Is this normal?

Yes, you can feel a slight sensation of warmth. Don't worry, this is normal.

I feel pain during or after use. Is this normal?

If you feel pain, you may have cavities or any teeth condition that requires dental treatment. If you do feel pain, consult your dentist. Stop using the device if you experience excessive bleeding after use, or if bleeding continues after one week of regular use.